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BIG NEWS! New big wood chippers at Schliesing!


Schliesing introduces two new large chipper models: the 545 TX-P: Ø 28 cm wood diameter with 90 HP Kubota petrol engine.
As well as the 565 TX: the high-torque Ø 30 cm chipper with 117 hp Perkins turbo diesel engine with common-rail technology.


More Info here: 545 TX-P and 565 TX.

09.2017 - Now available: Schliesing Maintenance Kits!


Convenient maintenance kits for Schliesing engine-driven and PTO-driven machines (year of manufacture 2012 and later).
Advantage: all required original Schliesing maintenance parts for a proper machine inspection, including biodegradable hydraulic oil for replenishing and the maintenance schedules, everything complete in one box.
Even more advantageous: 15% price savings as compared to the individual purchase of the required parts!

Ask your local Schliesing dealer about this package when you turn in your machine for servicing next time.

Maintenance Kits Schliesing wood chippers_2018.pdf

425 EX/TX - Schliesing mid-size wood chipper - redefined!


At Forst Live fair 2017,Offenburg/Germany Schliesing presentetd the new engine-driven wood-chipper 425 EX/TX. Equipped with a new frame and chassis, and the most recent motor-technology it was exposed the first time to the public. For further information please click here.

New Schliesing 300 (235) EX turntable presented


GaLaBau 2014 in Nuremberg proved to be a big success for Schliesing. Not least because our most recent model closely reflects the demand of customers and dealers.

A special black and red coloured 300 EX edition dominated our stand attracting quite a number of prospective buyers. Based on the proven 300 MX, our new model underwent a conceptual revision now offering a compact wood chipper turning 270 degrees with a 45 hp Kubota turbo diesel engine; wood diameters of up to 19 cm (7½ inches) can easily be processed. Obviously, there is a turntable version of our 235 MX with 35 hp Kubota diesel engine as well. In the outdoors demonstration area, another 300 EX as well as a 355 EX were shown in action and the many spectators – on this stand as well – were proof of yet another Schliesing strike home. A 2-digit number of orders attest to the high readiness to invest of our customers and reflect the currently positive economic climate.

Pre-orders for our two new models can be placed as of now. Infos available here!


The Swiss OEGA Show from June 25th to 27th, 2014


From June 25th to 27th, 2014, Switzerland's biggest Landscaping Show will take place in Oeschberg / Koppigen. Gebr. EGLI Maschinen AG of Rossrüti, Schliesing partners of many years, will show a selection of Schliesing models well introduced on the Swiss market for many years on their stand (Sector/Stand No. 10.3/564). Get your own impression of the high Schliesing quality and make sure to put a visit of the EGLI stand on your agenda. You are most welcome!

Come and meet us at the Arb Show!


On June 06th and 07th, 2014, our UK partners, Overland Environmental Services Ltd., present a selection of Schliesing wood chippers at the Arb Show in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. You'll find Overland at stands D4 and D5, where you will have the opportunity of getting detailed information on our products. We look forward to meeting you at the show!

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Schliesing present new PTO driven model 235 ZX



Based on the Schliesing engine driven model 235 MX, modular construction was employed in the development of the 235 ZX featuring a maximum of identical parts; this machine replaces its predecessor, the 220 ZX model. The 235 machine type has been the best-selling model of the Schliesing brand. More than 1,000 machines of this model are currently in use all over Europe. 

Similar to its 235 MX counterpart, the newly developed 235 ZX offers the same proven performance and quality features, such as universal application, longevity and reliability. Apart from the capacity to process wood diameters of up to 19 cm, the machine is equipped with hydraulic forced feeding with a separate oil motor and the highly effective PowerGrip feed rollers, which offer agressive feeding of the material while preventing a lateral lashing of branches. The 3-point lift rear mount (540 U/Min.) requires an input rating of 29 – 60 kW (40 – 80 hp) and comes with a fully galvanized, corrosion-resistant frame. Optionally, the machine can be fitted with the patented Schliesing Whisper Cut; further options are available.

It field of application is quite universal - similar to that of its counterpart, the 235 MX. Apart from cities and communities mainly operating tractors, agricultural, forestry and tree-care companies, professional gardeners and landscapers as well as rental companies are among the target customers for this model. As of January 2013, the 235 ZX model is internationally available with a delivery of max. 4 weeks. Please contact your Schliesing dealer or the Schliesing Sales Department for further information.

Fifteen new Schliesing wood chippers delivered to Beyer-Mietservice KG (Rental Company)


For more than 30 years, Schliesing Machinery GmbH located in Kempen in the Lower Rhine area since 2002, has been manufacturing high-quality wood chippers; their move from Duisburg, where the company originated in 1928, had become necessary for lack of space. In 2010, a restructuring process started with two factories being united into one and the individual, order-based production being converted to a partially serial production. These and further measures resulted in a tremendous increase of production output.

A total of fifteen new 235 MX wood chippers were recently delivered to Beyer-Mietservice KG. For the delivery of the these machines, Ulrich Binder, Managing Director of Schliesing Machinery GmbH traveled to Roth-Heckenhof.

The 235 MX wood chipper - or disk-type chipper as this market segment is called as well -, which carries the Beyer designation of MH 190 A, is the most successful chipper model of the Schliesing workshop. By permanent technical progress and the employment of up-to-date technologies not only the quality is continuously improved but the versatility of this wood chipper as well. Now what are the particular features of this machine? The parameters of this wood chipper model meet close to all requirements in gardening and landscaping, of municipalities as well as many other areas of arboriculture. With a capability to process wood with a diameter of 19 cm, the chipper covers the upper end in this segment.

The advantages of this chipper are evident: Mounted on a single-axle chassis, the chipper weighs a mere 1,250 kg. Consequently, it is easily maneouvered and cn be hauled with nearly any POV equipped with the respective trailer coupling. The optionally available height adjustment of the hitch can be equipped with a ball-shaped or a an eye coupling, thus offering the variability of being pulled by a car or a lorry. In addition, a number of further options is available for this machine living up to just about any application. From the Whisper Cut®, a patented cutting technology resulting in a noise level reduction by up to 30%, to the Power Control System, an automatic overload protection, to the hydraulic wheel drive, which lets you effortlessly move the machine even without a vehicle. The standard PowerGrip roller combination centers the wood to be drawn in, thus largely preventing the left and right striking of the wood. Even the safety aspect can be optimally complemented by the SAFEchip option, a safety system protecting the user with an electromagnetic field from getting into contact with the feed rollers. "These and further options, as well as our high quality standards, have made this particular model our bestseller", explains Ulrich Binder.

This was also confirmed during GaLaBau, the number one European Exhibition for Gardening and Landscaping in Nuremberg. "As a conclusion from this show it can be stated that one realization becomes more and more apparent: Quality pays off" is the positive summary of Ulrich Binder.

This is where the philosophies of both companies meet, because the demands for high quality, innovation and reliability are also made by the nationwide rental company of Beyer-Mietservice KG with their headquarters at Roth-Heckenhof. "Our commitment is always based on sustainability and longevity", says Dieter Beyer, Managing Director of Beyer-Mietservice KG. "We always offer our customers a service-oriented, all-inclusive package, i. e., solutions tailored to their needs, high-quality machines and equipment and everything from a single source."

Further information can be found under the following links:



Everything from a single source !


The new Schliesing wood chipper type 300 MX crawler with incline compensation together with the corresponding Heimann trailer featuring a pneumatic height adjustment were delivered to Messrs. City-Forest GmbH, Radeburg, in their Der neue Schliesing Häcksler Typ 300 MX Raupe mit Hangausgleich wurde zusammen mit einem passenden Absenkanhänger von Heimann an die Firma City-Forest GmbH, Radeburg, in their corporate colour.

Participation in the Poznan Show


From November 22 to 25, 2011, KOMTECHNIKA took place in Poznan, Poland. For the first time, Schliesing presented themselves on the stand of their new Polish partners, Messrs. SIAL. Apart from a 235 MX engine-driven machine, Schliesing exhibited a Unimog vehicle with a Schliesing front-mounted 550 U, which one of our German partners was kind enough to put at our disposal for the duration of the show. We are pleased to have found a competent and on the Polish market highly appreciated partner and we are confident to be able to gain a foothold with our machinery range quickly in Poland.

Delivery of the first 175 MX


It was a beautiful autumn day, when the first machine of our new 175 MX series was delivered to one of our British customers, who had decisively participated in the development of this machine and provided valuable input. Representing this customer, our UK importer took delivery of the machine. Schliesing's new 175 MX, which, thanks to its low weight, can be hauled with the European-wide valid driver's license class B, sets new standards in its class and processes wood up to a diameter of 16 cm, without cutting back on the proven and renowned Schliesing quality.

Meeting the future today – the new schliesing mid-size class. Kempen manufacturer launches a new machinery range



Effective 2012 or 2013, respectively, wood chippers driven by diesel engines of more than 37 kW have to fulfill the stage III emission standards as well. At the demopark, schliesing present a series of machines meeting those future requirements already today.




“We have put our mid-size machines to the test and considerably improved them in many important aspects,” states Carl-F. Herden, Managing Director of schliesing Machinery, one of the leading German manufacturers of wood chippers and he cheerily adds: “With our new models 350EX, 460EX and 480EX we will be able to strengthen our position on the market.” From an optical point of view the new schliesing models are not much different from the well-known and proven ones. The design was slightly modified to be able to meet the requirements of the E III B emission standards. At the time of shipment, all machines of the schliesing mid-size range will be ready to be equipped with soot particle filters. On the other hand, the Kempen manufacturers were able to reduce the weight of the machines. As a consequence, the proven and popular machines have become much easier to handle despite the big stem wood diameters they are able to process.




The most important change effected by schliesing, however, is not immediately apparent to the customers – but its ramifications will be obvious and to their advantage: for the first time, schliesing converted their production to a carry-over part system. This means that individual parts were standardized to a great extent. As a result, assembly and delivery times of individual machines are greatly reduced. Similarly, the availability of spare parts will improve; extended waiting periods or downtimes will be a thing of the past.

The new machines 350EX (21 cm stem wood diameter), 460EX (22 cm) and 480EX (23 cm) are optionally available with a twin axle chassis and will be available as of September 2011.

Wood chippers “light”: 25% less weight – 100% proven performance. schliesing introduce wood chippers of the 750-kg range


Anyone who got his driver’s license after January 1, 1999 is aware of the problem: EU driver’s license class B authorizes the towing of trailers with a maximum total weight of 750 kg only. This causes problems in the professional field in particular, since nearly all machines – especially the more powerful ones – are much heavier and consequently cannot be moved by younger employees. schliesing have recognized this trend and present a new model within the 750-kg range that may be towed by any car driver. Product development was based on the proven and powerful 200MX model. The important dimensions (stem wood diameter of 16 cm, infeed width of 240 mm) remained untouched. Therefore, the new 750-kg wood chipper is optimally suited for demanding, professional use. Its weight, on the other hand, was reduced by more than 25% - from over 1,000 kg to less than 750 kg, thus meeting the weight restrictions of driver’s license class B.

“A weight reduction of this magnitude presents quite a challenge”, says Carl-F. Herden, Managing Director of schliesing Machinery, one of the leading German manufacturers of wood chippers. “We were able to achieve this by reorganizing important areas of our production only”, adds Herden. Of major importance was the introduction of carry-over parts. “By using standardized parts, we at schliesing considerably increased flexibility in our production. As a result, delivery times were shortened tremendously and the availability of spare parts has improved much as well,” concludes Herden; and he is confident: “The market needs our new 750-kg machines. The orders received even before its launch on the market exceed all our expectations. And at the demopark, we will certainly book more orders.” The 750-kg range will be presented at the demopark in Eisenach for the first time. The machines will be available as of July 2011.