565 TX

Ø 30 cm disc chipper with 478 Nm torque. Chipping at its best. 4-cylinder Perkins turbo diesel engine 86 kW (116.9 hp) with common-rail technology. With DOC and SCR exhaust gas purification technology. Emission level EURO IV. PowerGrip top roller with 400% increased enter force.

Engine and chassis

Schliesing wood chipper with 4-cylinder Perkins turbo-diesel engine 86 kW (116.9 hp) with Common-Rail technology. Exhaust cleaning by catalytic converter (DOC - diesel oxidation catalyst converter) and SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction by DEF (diesel exhaust fluid/Adblue®). Powerful torque with a maximum of 475 Nm. Digital fuel level indication via the engine controller. Meets the Euro Emission standard stage IV (as per EG 97/68). Hydraulic turbomatic clutch. Tandem-axle chassis (80 km/h), fully galvanised. Hitch adjustable in height with inertia brake and DIN eye coupling (ball coupling optional). Sturdy sheet steel fenders. Road lights in accordance with StVZO (shock-protected). Heavy-duty tyres 205/65 R17.5. TUEV expertise / ABE.

Body/hopper/discharge chute

Chipping unit on turntable, turning 270 degrees. Feed hopper with flap as per CE standards. Turning discharge chute with adjustable deviation flap (as per GS standard). Discharge chute on smooth running ball bearing flange. Sound insulation for chipping unit and discharge chute.

Chipping unit

Chipping unit with safety circuit in accordance with EN 13525. 3-blade cutter wheel with infinitely adjustable blades that can be resharpened several times. Enclosed blade system. Anvil and vertical blade can be used 4 times each. Cutter disk with rope cutter.

Hydraulic feed

Feed control with separate hydraulic circuit. PowerGrip feed rollers with hydraulic forced feeding and two individual hydraulic motors. Parallel-guided upper feed roller. Upper feed roller with auxiliary transmission. Hydraulic adjustment of the chip size. Hydraulic oil tank with level indicator.