Wood chips as a valuable resource

Valuable chipped material - an environmentally friendly decision

Biomass heating
Wood chips can be used as fuel for biomass heating systems. The wood chips are burnt to generate heat, which can then be used for heating or the generation of process steam. Attention must be paid to the maximum size of the woodchippings that can be burnt.

Wood chips can be used as mulch material in gardening. They help to reduce weed growth, retain moisture in the soil and regulate the soil temperature.

Covering material
Wood chips can be used as a covering material on paths and yards. They provide a natural, non-slip surface and contribute to water permeability.

Wood chips can also be used in composting to ensure good aeration of the compost and promote the decomposition of organic materials.

Erosion protection
On slopes and embankments, wood chips can be used as erosion prevention to protect the soil from leaching and erosion.

Environmental regulations may vary from region to region, so the above use does not apply everywhere.

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